Have you ever had the feeling that a company or brand is following you while browsing the internet? For example; Do you see a shoe or similar models of that shoe that you have looked at before in different advertisement areas on the same day? That’s what we call remarketing.

You might find the way these ads are organized very professional to you and very effective for increasing sales. Do you want to do the same for your own brand and increase your brand awareness and sales?

We guess that your answer to this question is “Yes” and as Organic Agency, we have focused on the question “What is remarketing?” in all its aspects in this article. 



A graphic that explains the retargeting process

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is when you visit a company’s website or online store, and the products you review in the store appear on various platforms as advertisements.

For example; If a dress you review on any e-commerce site comes across in different advertising areas, this is an example of remarketing. The processes are well managed by professional digital advertising agencies. However, if you are wondering how this process works, let’s take a look at the remarketing stages together.




In order for you to be able to display your ads to your site visitors in the future, you must first add a code to your site. This code is a tracking code and will not affect your site performance.

Thanks to the tracking code, a cookie is created on the device of visitors to your site, and thanks to this cookie, when your site visitors visit another site, your remarketing advertising provider starts the process by showing ads at the right time.

Think about the restaurant you visit regularly and where you have a favorite dish. In this case, the waiter remembers you as you enter the restaurant and asks if you would like your favorite dish. This is exactly what happens with remarketing.



Remarketing is the personalization of ads. In other words, you know what the internet user needs and you can advertise accordingly. This greatly increases the probability of purchasing your product or service.

In digital advertisements, it is possible to select a specific target audience and even optimize this audience with smart ads, but in remarketing, the target audience is much clearer.

For example; Imagine that you are advertising a concert. You can set the audience as metal music lovers, people who have been to a metal music concert before, between the ages of 18 and 40, etc.

This will be an effective advertisement. However, if your goal is to sell Metallica tickets, it can be much more effective to show up on the screens of people who have viewed “Metallica” tickets before but have not made a purchase.

In these ads, showing the same ad to the same user repeatedly during the day can be scary to internet users or cause dislike for your brand. As in everything else, it may be a more effective and correct strategy to adjust the dosage of the advertisement correctly and to appear to the same user only once a day.


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