These two new features that Twitter brings will help users with watching video content.


In a recent announcement, Twitter unveiled two new features they are bringing. These new features are video related. A new video carousel to make space for discovering new videos and an improvement on full screen videos on the platform.

The features heavily resemble TikTok and users quickly realized and made their opinions heard. The general feedback from the users was positive in general with some worrying about the platform resembling TikTok too much.


Twitter Explore

Twitter Explore

The changes will be included in Explore tab. At the time of writing, the features are available on iOS.

Explore is a feature similar to Instagram Explore and TikTok Discover. It curates tweets that it thinks you might enjoy.

You can find it in the mobile app by pressing the magnifying glass. On the page you can find buttons such as For you and Trending.


The Video Carousel

The new video carousel that social media giant will be adding allows users to find popular video content from viral videos to movie trailers.



They announced the new features with the tweet above. They said in the tweet:

 “More ways to discover videos on Twitter are here!

Now on iOS, videos on your timeline will open in our full screen immersive video player, where you can swipe up to keep discovering more content.”


The New Video Player

The other feature is an update of the video playback.

With this new feature, you can view a video in full screen with only a tap. Another useful function that the update brings is that now it will be easier to watch videos continuously.

Twitter announced the details on their official blog. In the post, they said:

“Once the video has been launched in full screen mode, we’ve made video discovery easier as well. Just scroll up to start browsing more engaging video content. If you want to exit the viewer and go back to the original Tweet, click the back arrow in the top left corner.”