Google updated their special Halloween website Frightgeist in preparation for Halloween 2022.


The Frightgeist website powered by Google Trends shows the searches made on Google for Halloween costume ideas in the United States of America.

Google Frightgeist can help both the business owners and the shoppers from creative and commercial angles. Business owners can use these insights to market to last minute shoppers for their costume needs.

A family in Halloween costumes carving pumpkins

Halloween enthusiasts can also benefit from this data to find the perfect costume for the event that they are attending.

Perhaps the only limiting thing about the website is the fact that the results are limited to the USA. But you can find results specific to states and cities. 

An example of these results is that people in NYC are searching for a “Fairy” costume the most. A business owner in NYC can focus their last minute marketing according to that and stock up on fairy costumes, while anyone who wants to be something unique this Halloween can avoid being a fairy. Maybe next year?

The top three searches are quite irrelevant when it comes to context. Taking third place is one of the original habitants of our lovely blue planet, dinosaurs. The silver medal goes to one of the most beloved comic book heroes of all time; the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. 

And the most popular costume idea search in the United States for 2022 is… witches. They have been gaining popularity especially over the last few years on top of being a popular Halloween costume option.

The list on the website has hundreds of results as a list. Here is the first 20 of that list for you to browse and perhaps pick a costume for yourself.


The Top 20 Costume Searches For Halloween on Google

  1. Witch
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Dinosaur
  4. Stranger Things
  5. Fairy
  6. Pirate
  7. Rabbit
  8. Cheerleader
  9. Cowboy
  10. Harley Quinn
  11. Clown
  12. Vampire
  13. 1980s
  14. Hocus Pocus
  15. Pumpkin
  16. Chucky
  17. Doll
  18. Angel
  19. Batman
  20. Bear

Other Features of Frightgeist

Costume Map

The costume map of the United States

There are two more features on the website. One of them is a costume map of the United States. You can see the most popular searches of certain cities.

Costume Wizard

Costume wizard on the Frightgeist website

And the second feature Frightgeist is the costume wizard. If you are looking for a costume idea yourself, this tool can be very helpful for you. You can pick if you want it to be modern or classic, how spooky and unique you want it to be, and if you want to pick from the national or local trend list.