Empire of the Sun is an Australian electronic music duo that was formed in 2007 and quickly developed a unique fan base. This group, which is the joint project of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, attracts attention with both its stage performances and unique music videos. The band’s name is J.G. It was inspired by Ballard’s novel of the same name, and even the name reveals the depth of their artistic vision.


Brief History of the Group

Empire of the Sun had a big breakthrough with their first album “Walking on a Dream”, released in 2008. The album made a worldwide impact, especially with its hit songs such as “Walking on a Dream” and “We Are the People”. This album became a major milestone, showcasing their innovative musical style and visual aesthetic.

Consolidating their success with their second album “Ice on the Dune” (2013), the band presented a similarly epic and surreal musical journey in this album. Expanding its fan base with songs such as “Alive” and “DNA”, Empire of the Sun continued to create its own unique style by blending electronic music with pop and rock elements.

The album “Two Vines”, released in 2016, attracted attention with its nature themes and deep lyrics questioning humanity’s relationship with technology. In this album, the themes of returning to nature and searching for peace were discussed with tracks such as “High and Low” and “Friends”.


Musical Origins and Influences

Empire of the Sun’s music bears influences from various genres such as synth-pop, new wave and glam rock. Luke Steele’s distinctive vocal style and Nick Littlemore’s production talents form the cornerstones of the band’s unique sound. The atmospheric synths and epic melodies frequently found in their music transport the listener to a different universe. The harmonious blending of these different genres distinguishes Empire of the Sun from other electronic music groups.


Stage Performances and Visual Aesthetics

Empire of the Sun uses a strong visual language in its stage performances and music videos. Group members often turn into characters in their concerts and videos, using fantastic costumes and eye-catching make-up. This visual aesthetic provides a harmonious integrity with their music and draws the listener into a magical world. The band’s music videos also stand out for their cinematic quality and creative concepts.


Sources of Inspiration and Artistic Vision

Empire of the Sun draws from various sources of inspiration while performing their art. Science fiction movies, fantasy literature, and nature are frequent themes in the band’s music and visual presentations. J.G. Even the band name they chose, inspired by Ballard’s novel of the same name, reflects the depth of their artistic vision. The beauties of nature and man’s relationship with these beauties are felt especially in the album “Two Vines”.


Fascinating Music Videos

Empire of the Sun’s music videos are one of the elements that best reflect the band’s aesthetic understanding and storytelling. For example, the videos for his hit songs such as “Walking on a Dream” and “We Are the People” are like mini movies shot in exotic locations and full of striking visuals. These videos combine the stories told by the songs with a visual feast and satisfy the audience both aurally and visually.


Fan Base and Cultural Impact

Empire of the Sun has a large fan base around the world. Their artistic vision, which goes beyond music, makes them not just a musical group, but also a cultural phenomenon. While their fans flock to the band’s concerts and festivals, they enjoy being included in this fantastic world they have created. Empire of the Sun’s impact is felt in the world of music as well as in fashion and visual arts.

Empire of the Sun is a band that fascinates not only with its music, but also with its visual aesthetics and stage performances. Having gained a unique place in the world of electronic music, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore take their artistic vision one step further in each of their projects. While we eagerly await what they will do in the future, we can continue to enjoy the magical worlds they have created in the past.