“Everything Everywhere All at Once” became a movie that made a lot of noise. In its shortest narrative, the film is about the story of a difficult adventure of a woman who must save the world.

In the beginning of “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, we encounter a narrative that we understand that the female character named Evelyn is not very satisfied with her life. Evelyn, who immigrated to America from China with her husband years ago, starts a new life in America. Evelyn, who has a very quiet life with her family life and work, suddenly finds herself in universes with different realities that she could never imagine.

In one of these realities, he has to save the world. Faced with the alternative lives she can live and exploring other universes, Evelyn says that she is the only person who will make the change in her life; If a change is needed in the world, she will understand that the only person who will do it is man himself.

Known for their films “Swiss Army Man”, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert are two master directors sitting in the director’s chair of the movie. There are already those who call the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” as a “cult movie”. The atmosphere of the movie, which winks at the problems of the age we live in, is set up in a very emotional way, there are people who cry at the end of the movie, including me.

In “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, where everything is nothing, we face the butterfly effect created by the choices we make in life. The film turns out to be a masterpiece when a masterfully handled story is crowned in terms of framing, characters and actors. In the movie, we encounter different states of the characters in the universes, although it is difficult to understand at first, the movie sprinkles the information as a clue in order to understand the fast-flowing tempo.

What “Everything Everywhere All at Once” particularly achieves is that it keeps the audience bombarded with emotion. In this film, we experience the greatest power of cinema, making the emotions felt and drawing them into the film, at the highest levels. The film, which deals with these multiverses, offers a world that is difficult to focus for people who are distracted due to its structure, but it makes it easier to understand the easy-to-understand story that holds the universes together and makes the film watchable. Oh, don’t be too scared!

A still of Everything Everywhere All At Once's protagonist

To tell the simple story of the film, the film is based on the conflict between the daughter of Chinese-American Evelyn, who runs a laundromat with her husband in America, with her daughter Joy. Annoyed by her inability to share the fact that her daughter is gay with her father, who came from China, Evelyn is also preparing for a tough tax office meeting. In their interview, she is dragged on an incredible journey by her husband Waymond, who comes from a parallel universe, with a headset and a 3-step note in her hand.

In order to reach the abilities of the characters in the multiverses, they have to act suddenly and just as absurdly. With the characters performing these behaviors, references are made to famous movies such as The Matrix, Kung Fu and Ratatouille. It’s like we’re watching both a multiverse and more than one movie. What is this movie if it’s not a complete whirlwind of emotions?

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is not one of the multiverse movies you know

Although the “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is about the multiverse, the fact that the decisions made about one’s own life affect the life one chooses and the confrontations of a family trying to learn to love again causes the emotionality to rise. The movie “Everything is Everywhere at the Same Time” is not one of the multiverse movies you know, as you can understand…

After watching the movie, the most important lesson I remember about life was this: Be kind! In fact, let me end this article with a quote from “Everything Everywhere All At Once”. To quote Evelyn’s husband, Waymond: “The only thing I do know is that we have to be kind. Please, be kind. Especially when we don’t know what’s going on.”


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