In a recent announcement, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, mentioned six new updates that they are bringing to Facebook Groups. Here are the details of the new changes that are coming.

Group of friends using mobile phones


1. Admin Assist Tool Updates

This update expands the content moderation abilities of group admins.

For example, if a post contains information that has been deemed incorrect by independent fact checkers, the admins can turn the post into a pending one. After reviewing it themselves, admins can either keep or delete the post.

There is also going to be a daily compilation from Facebook to help admins operate the groups better. This compilation will give examples of how Admin Assist can help within certain limits set by admins.


2. Permission to Customize Group Profiles

With this update, admins will be able to change the About Me of their Facebook Groups.

Apart from this, admins and members will be able to share on their profile if they are open to messaging. This way, they can show other members that they can be contacted in a private manner.


3. Sharing Facebook Events to Instagram

Facebook Groups events can be shared on Instagram Stories after this update.

Both admins and members can use this new feature. It can help groups expand their reach and grow more easily. It can also help groups reach their target audience with more ease.


4. Facebook Groups Exclusive Reels

Users will be able to create and share Reels from and for their Facebook Groups, without the need to create and share elsewhere on Facebook before being able to post to the group, as it was before this update.

This feature is especially going to be good for private groups that do not want to share their content outside of the group before sharing it in their communities.


5. Group Member Recognition

This feature is still being tested by Facebook. It will allow admins to showcase the members of the group with the most contributions. Members can partake in actions that fit their community and have posts with comments and reactions to contribute to this goal.


6. Posting “Flagged By Facebook” Content

Another feature that Facebook is currently testing is letting admins of groups allow members to post content that has been flagged by Facebook’s automated flagging system.

Meta is quite careful with who they pick to give this permission. This is why they have many criterias which they consider while giving admins this permission. One of these criterias that can be given as an example is that the admin hasn’t been an admin of a group that has been removed in the past.