4 Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively

Apart from adding your colleagues, using LinkedIn to increase brand awareness, explain your social media strategies to other users, connect with people in the same profession, and even find new customers will contribute to your brand.

The following 4 steps, compiled by a few entrepreneurs, will make you more active on LinkedIn in a short time.



You can publish articles related to your area of expertise. This will make you highly active on LinkedIn. It will allow you to demonstrate your expertise. In addition, you can check out the new newsletter feature to build a good following.

Publishing a newsletter is essentially similar to publishing an article about your area of expertise, but there is an important difference between the two. When you publish an article about your area of expertise on LinkedIn, only a small percentage of your connections will see the article you wrote about your area of expertise, depending on the algorithm’s level of consideration for you. When you use the newsletter feature, each of your links will receive a notification that you have published new content. This notification they receive allows you to appeal to a larger audience. If you want to write about your expertise on a certain subject, it will be a useful strategy for you to write regularly.


Video is the most popular type of content on social media. This is also the case with LinkedIn. It is possible to create LinkedIn videos with many different content and formats. The most recommended video styles for small businesses are those that are conversational in a more intimate setting. Videos like this will quickly increase your potential reach. You can also save the live broadcast and share it on your page after the LinkedIn live broadcast ends. Thus, you will reach an audience that cannot watch you at the moment.



If you find it difficult to broadcast live, you can save and share the video content you have prepared. These videos don’t need to be perfectly edited or overly professional. Standing in front of the camera and expressing your views on a certain subject will allow you to attract attention from your followers and reach a larger audience.


Recently, it has been highly preferred to post a job posting on LinkedIn simultaneously and recruit through this channel. This will make your brand preferable for external linking. In addition, it will provide a great space for you to find your potential customers. It is also a great opportunity to have one-on-one contact with your target customer.