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Have you ever looked down standing at the edge of the existence? Or has it ever crossed your mind? What colour is the outside, black?(Is black a colour? There is no colour, when there is no light!) What’s beyond it? Is death the way out? Do you die once you go out? I have tried; the line is too sharp, it cuts your feet, your soles bleeds. The arid past of the shore where it converges with black gets wet with blood, your foot slips, you make as if to fall but you can’t define the way you fall or you can’t know. To the inside or outside? You wouldn’t fall. I have never fallen. Not yet…

Have you ever thought what’s outside of the existence? Ever..That’s why we call what’s left from outside the existence. Do we get exterminated when we crossit over? We don’t know that. I have thougt about it a lot. This is a very serious matter. You feel like you fall from the heaviness of your head nevertheless you can’t define the way to fall, you can’t know. I have never fallen. Not yet…

The you laugh at yourself. Because you keep fobbling like an idiot, you come and go like a tumbler not knowing if there is really outside or what you get on your feet is your own blood, what you think of as shore is the edge of existence, you would be fobbling like an idiot. I have fobbled, you’d freak out… You lose your mind of ambiguity. Because ambiguity is as bad as life. Because life is ambiguous. You’d freak out.

You don’t know what is it? You wouldn’t drink too much, you wouldn’t have any chemical support. Is it what losing your mind is? Is it all a nightmare or is it a beautiful dream? You wouldn’t know whatever you’re falling in your dream. I have never fallen. Not yet…

By Edip Kuzey Akten

Bilgi paylaştıkça çoğalır
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